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Lynda J. Dahl

When I first started working with John, I had minimal training. I've been taking class from John every week for nearly 3 years. I feel so much stronger, and even though I get nervous for auditions, I've learned to use my nervous energy to fuel my focus in cold reads and monologue performances. I know that I'm pursuing my big dream and gaining more & more confidence as I continue to work with John and learn to bring myself into every role. That's what John focuses on - bringing yourself along with every audition and imagining *you* in a specific set of imaginary circumstances.


Parker Sera

I came to John for help preparing my auditions for graduate school, and I can honestly say that I would not have done even half as well as I did at my auditions if it hadn't been for his guidance and support. John dedicates himself fully to the goals of the actors he works with; I immediately felt like he was not only a teacher but a mentor. I have improved tremendously since starting to work with him.


Max Hawksford

John's class is one of a kind; he brings out the magic in all of us. The environment he provides allows each student to push and challenge themselves to their very potential without feeling anything but support and safety. He brings both positivity and honesty, which allows the student to feel accomplished and successful but, also, make improvements and adjustments for the future. There are many great classes and coaches out there but John's is one that I HIGHLY recommend to actors and actresses of all ages and levels

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