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Scene Study & Monologue Class

Price: $350

Payment Accepted via: venmo, zelle, cash, check. 

Class Commitment: 6 weeks, Starting THURSDAY JUNE 20 - THURSDAY AUGUST 1, 2024 

Class Start/End Time:  6pm-9pm

Location: MACPHAIL MINNEAPOLIS  501 S 2nd St, MPLS  (STUDIO 126).

Recommended Age: Adults 18 and up

Class Size: Limited to 10 students 

A virtual interview is required for enrollment. There are no refunds for unattended classes.

I work very specifically from beat to beat for full understanding of the text to ensure authenticity, depth and range to your performance. I will work with you to help stretch your emotional expressiveness. In class we will start by exploring these impulses using cold reading exercises that build the foundation of our work.


Through this process your confidence will increase until you rely completely on your own instincts where ultimately your emotions, creativity, expressiveness, personality and intelligence intersect at the same time setting you up to actively listen which should be the ultimate goal of any actor. Emotional expression is tricky because at the same time it's a necessary tool it's also an obstacle you must fight through. Your objective should be stronger than the emotion or it can sabotage getting what you want.

Cold reading and improvisation exercises are designed to overcome barriers of expression specific to each student. Great acting results from taking the risk to follow your instincts and expand your emotional range. You will learn how to respond authentically to everything that's going on in the scene. Our defense mechanisms can be deeply ingrained making it a difficult challenge to let go. But it's an exciting challenge! 

In class we will learn the process of breaking down a scene and explore each beat for understanding and specificity . You will be partnered up and encouraged to work with your partner outside of class to be able to put your scene up in the following class. 

Please prepare a monologue or two so we can have an industry ready audition piece by the end of our six week session.

In class we work from film and play scripts to  emotionally and expressively stretch to find internal connections to the word. Teaching influences include the principles from Sandford Meisner's book ON ACTING while drawing on Stanislavski, Uta Hagen and Lee Strasberg and every teacher I've ever had including my mother.

Expect to be out of your comfort zone. Expect to grow as an actor.

Authenticity, instinct, vulnerability, honesty, specificity and spontaneity are words you will hear repeatedly during your time in class. Actors who desire broadening and developing their art, are welcome.

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