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John Woehrle is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and completed his MFA training @ the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco.


He is a member of the Pacific Resident Theater in Los Angeles and a finalist in the McKnight Fellowship for Screenwriters with his first screenplay, WEST METRO.


John has appeared on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, various soap operas and in film, but his most memorable role is "Lenny" in OF MICE AND MEN. His director credits include a short independent film project, GAME DAY, theater and the award winning documentary film, PRIDE OF LIONS.

Most recently John produced, wrote and acted in the critically acclaimed original play TRUST - developed in his Self Reliant Actor Workshop. Six of the nine cast members were SRP members.


John taught at the prestigious, David Kagan’s School of Film Acting in Los Angeles before founding the Black Box Experiment, an ambitious student studio project that included film script development and theater showcases for public view.

Our Mission for the Film

To give the people of Sierra Leone a voice that will be heard; ignite discussion on the needs of the people and their country; inspire individuals and their communities to work together to build a sustainable future for Sierra Leone.

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